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Architectural Drawings - Tailored Tiny Co. House

Architectural Drawings - Tailored Tiny Co. House


Included are:

  •  A1 Architectural drawings in digital download pdf (2 pages)
  • Page 1: Architectural drawings of the exact tiny house on ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ episode and Tailored Tiny Co website, (1:100 scale) PDF
  • Page 2: Free amended version under 4.3m (legal towing height in Australia without a road permit), 1:100 scale PDF


- The architectural drawings include details such as overall building dimensions, cabinetry dimensions/layout, window/skylight positions/sizes, Stair height/width, as wells as couch measurements (not including the cushions).


- We are confident that any experienced tradesmen should be able to work off these drawings.


- We will also answer specific questions about any further details not noted on architectural drawings. If you require the plans altered in any way, we can offer this service through our new company Tailored Tiny Co. So please get in contact once you receive your plans and figure out what you would like to amend, and we will do our best to help you out. Contact us at


Please Note:

The architectural drawings do not include:
- Materials quantities/cut list
- Framing layout, as these will vary depending on your trailer construction, desired construction materials, cladding, local building regulations, as well as how often you plan on moving your tiny.
- Engineered drawings, these drawings are a guide to the dimensions, layout and overall measurements of our tiny house.

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