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Finish Luxury Tiny

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Finally the dream has been realised and the Luxury Tiny is complete .

This is the high end Luxury Tailored Tiny home, to suit all of Matt and Lisa's needs and wants. Just cause it's tiny, doesn't mean it should be missing all the luxuries life has to offer. Kitchen filled with full sized appliances, marble waterfall benchtop & gorgeous butler sink. Bathroom with a double headed shower. His and Her's wardrobe. A living room with large entertainment system. A Bedroom where you can stand? Natural Light filling the space with V-Lux skylights, extra large doors and windows.

It’s also filled with some wonderful quirky features, such as the cat run out the back which gives their much loved pets some space to play safely from the house. This entrance and exit from the home also stops the cats from needing an interior litter box, which is a big win.

“Our tiny spaces are completely individual and are designed with luxury in mind, just because your house is small, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the finer things.”

Want to see more....

Check out our Tailored Tiny's Page.

We'd like to here your thoughts...

If you are interested in the Luxury Tiny Home or you have any questions please get in contact with us.

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