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We Design a Tiny Home

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

This is the making of our Tailored Tiny Home.

Matt and Lisa Build their first Luxury Tiny Home.

Design with Luxury & Comfort

Lisa has always liked the idea of sustainability, the environment, a small carbon foot print. The love of a Tiny Homes and a fantasy to design and create one seemed to be the most achievable way to fulfill this dream. With a lot of research, reading, drawing and watching many episodes of Tiny Homes later... Convincing Matt was the next plan... the rest is history.

They started with a picturesque Property in the Blue Mounatins

What better way to start a project with the right backdop. They couldn't ask for a more perfect location. Over the course of 3 months, a lot of trial error. They design and produced one of the most magnificent Tiny Homes ever seen.

Matt’s skill as a builder is evident. He has his own business remodelling kitchens and bathrooms and his skill and experience show in all the details. The black exterior of the home, coupled with it’s height and remarkable modern shade cloths which cover the deck give this tiny home an almost imposing look. Architecturally, this structure is sharp and beautiful. Each and every way you look at it, there’s something interesting about it.

Want to see the full progress imagery...

Head over to Tailored Tiny's.. or follow us on our instagram page

Get Inspired

If you have any questions about the progress or your interested in buying the plans of our Luxury Tiny get in contact with us now.

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