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Unfortunately, we can't take on any new Tiny customers at the moment. If you have questions about the plans for sale through our online shop, shoot us and email. Otherwise, stay up to date through our Instagram.

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  • Are there plans available?
    Yes, the plans are/will be available through our website shop. We have two types, the exact plans of our tiny, and a modified version which adheres to Australian tiny house specifications. If you are after something more suited to you we can custom design you a tiny? Get in contact with us to discuss this option.
  • How much will a Tailored Tiny House be?
    We custom design each tiny house to your specifications and lifestyles, so the price would vary depending on the size and layout of your tiny. Starting price from 80k.
  • Do you have a Laundry?
    Our laundry is located in a garden shed alongside the mower and tools. We decided we wanted the dishwasher in the kitchen, so we sacrificed an internal laundry for that. It is easy enough to install a washing machine in the same space, so if thats what you prefer then we can make that change.
  • What are the dimensions of your Tailored Tiny?
    Our Tiny is 2.4m Wide by 9m long at the base of the trailer, the rake at either end takes the roof length to 11m. The height is over regular tiny house specifications is 4.3m high to the bed of the trailer at the lowest end.
  • How long did it take to build?
    Our tiny took around 3 months to build with us working full time on it. If the planning stage is done right, it could be potentially quicker.
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