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We are Matt and Lisa and we are the founders of The Tailored Tiny Co.

We are a tiny home building company based in the Blue Mountains NSW. We specialise in tailoring your small space to your needs and lifestyles by analysing the things that you think are important to your home, and fitting them into a smaller footprint.


We started our journey after following the Tiny house movement in the United States, The creativity expressed as well as the challenge of creating a functioning small space, with out losing the comforts of a large house is what drew us to start designing and building our own tiny home.


We are all about sustainability, having a minimal environmental impact, with the plan to go off grid.

Our tiny spaces are completely individual and are designed with luxury in mind, just because your house is small, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the finer things.

Unfortunately, due to current work commitments, we are unable to take on any new Tiny consults and builds. Please check in with us towards the end of 2020, or stay updated though our instagram.

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