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Let us introduce you to our first tiny home on wheels it's quite something to behold. This modern luxury tiny house has a lot going for it.


The black exterior of the home with hints of recycled hardwood timber trim, it’s height and remarkable modern shade cloths which cover the deck give this tiny home an almost imposing look. Architecturally, this structure is sharp and beautiful. Each and every way you look at it, there’s something interesting about it.

It’s also filled with some wonderful quirky features, such as the cat run out the back which gives our much loved pets some space to play safely from the house. This entrance and exit from the home also stops the cats from needing an interior litter box, which is a big win in our books.

Stepping inside, the home is something to behold. It’s a bit taller than a normal home on wheels and this does mean it would require additional permits should it ever need to be relocated to a different property. The extra height in the home really adds a tremendous sense of space and liability though.

The tiny home has everything that you would expect, albeit all finished and decorated to a tremendously high standard.

The lounge is large and wonderfully artistic with a spectacular light feature above, with collection of hanging down-lights and plants growing amongst them. There’s a good sized television and a comfortable seating area.

Down the hall, a large kitchen contains all the modern ammenities all with plenty of bench space for working. Items such as the fridge and the oven have been fitted under the stairs to make some extra space.

Behind a set of double mirrors which sit on each side of the home are his and her’s wardrobes, which provide a break in the space before entering the bathroom, allowing for more than enough clothes storage for a couple.

Moving past the wardrobe, we now enter the bathroom space. The tiling work is exceptional, the mirrors which span one wall and have storage behind them add a tremendous sense of space and the bathroom is indeed more spacious than you'll be used to in a tiny house. In fact, amazingly there is even a double shower in this one. Quite a remarkable feature for a tiny house!

Moving into the upstairs area, the home once again shows that it’s something very different. The extra height in the house has allowed standing room in the upstairs area, so no ducking down to climb into a loft bed. It’s even enabled a walkway to lead into the guest loft giving easy access to all areas of the home. To top it off, a series of skylights span the length of the tiny home, giving a remarkable and ever changing view of the sky.

This house is one you'll want to explore.



12  /  04  /  2019

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